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No longer in print. Ebook soon available. ...more

Deep-Mouthed Music - The Carlisle Otterhounds 1863-1913

By Ron Black and Jean Gidman
A5, perfect bound ...more

The Mardale Shepherds' Meet

2nd edition published: May 2015 (First published as The Mardale Hunt - A History)
Words: 43219 (approx)

Description & reviews ...more

Hunting Songs Volume Two: Lakeland Songs

51 songs interspersed with text and amusing anecdotes.

Volume One, with illustrations by Wendy Fraser, available direct from Blurb ...more

'Softly Fall the Feet of Them Along the English Lanes' - The Lathom Remount Depot in WWI

Now available FREE from Smashwords and here as a FREE DOWNLOAD

Read a moving account of the huge number of horses and mules that were shipped across the English Channel during World War One to play such an important role in the war. ...more

'The Flying Whip' The story of Braithwaite 'Brait' Wilson and the Ullswater Foxhounds...

First published 15 July 2014.

eBook now available from : Smashwords : Amazon : and other ebook retailers.

Approx 52000 words. ...more

The Ullswater Foxhounds

The first 50 years, 1863 - 1915
Author: Ron Black
60,000 words ...more

Bobby Troughton and the Kendal Otterhounds

First published: November 2012
Words: 64000 (approx)
Foreword and book description ...more

Ullswater Foxhounds Part Two

Black and white with some colour illustrations

eBook available from : Smashwords : Amazon : and other ebook retailers.

The second in a trilogy covering the history of the Ullswater Foxhounds. There’s more than enough to whet the appetite with over 180 pages including some as yet unseen photographs. This is a book to read and be enjoyed at leisure after a day on the fell, either with hounds or just merely walking. Enjoy this book as it transports you back in time and humbles even the most fittest and staunchest of those among us. ...more

Mardale - Echoes and Reflections of a Lost Lakeland Community

The publication of Mardale - Echoes and Reflections of a Lost Lakeland Community was a project undertaken by the members of Shap Local History Society to produce a readable collection of all archive material collected by one of their members over a long period of time which was then added to by a wealth of unpublished material researched by other members.

Winner of The Striding Edge Prize for Guides and Places at the prestigious Lakeland Book of the Year 2012 Award held at the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal. ...more

Hunting Songs Volume One - The Lakeland Fell Packs

Published: June 2011
Words: 17092 (approx)

Illustrated by Wendy Fraser

Book description and reviews ...more

Lakeland Hunting Memories - Volume One

Published: June 06, 2011
Words: 3515 (approx)

Description and reviews ...more