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Hoofprints in Eden

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Read about the Fell pony's Cumbrian background, the events of a typical year, its life on the fell, its traditional keeping, its characteristics and the work it can do.

Fully illustrated, and complete with a dictionary of Cumbrian farming expressions!

This review is from: Hoofprints in Eden (Paperback)

This book gives a fascinating insight into the world of Fell pony breeders. The interviews with the breeders are very revealing and their candid views into the breeding world of the Cumbrian and Northumberland fells are incredibly interesting. These coupled with the in depth knowledge of the author make this a book I would recommend to all Fell pony enthusiasts. I am a lover of the (black) hairy beasts and this book makes me wish I could live on the fells as these breeders do! Fellmare (Amazon UK), 21 Jan 2013

***** Wonderful snapshot of the life of hill breeders

When you read this unique insight into the life of hill farmers you almost feel like you are intruding. Millard has captured the sense of a fast disappearing way of life. The book is captivating and I thoroughly recommend it. Miss Kate White "Kit" (Amazon UK), 20 Jan 2013

The definitive account of the breed

Sue Millard has written the definitive account of the breed – the Duke of Edinburgh has even ordered three copies for Christmas. She has interviewed the owners and lets them speak in their own rich language about the trials and joys of Fell ponies, the yearly cycle, breeding and foaling, the sales at Wigton, Kirkby Stephen, Appleby and Penrith, the shows and the sheer pleasure of living with such a trusty breed. - Steve Matthews, Bookcase / BooksCumbria, Carlisle 2005

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