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Against the Odds

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Leaving home to work in a racing stable, Sian finds that the long hours and hard work are more than she bargained for. The only compensation is her responsibility for her favourite filly, Double Jump.

It's the last straw when she has to reject amorous advances from the trainer's arrogant son, Justin, so when Double Jump is moved to another yard, Sian decides to follow her.

At the new yard she meets stable jockey Madoc Owen, who is battling with Cymru, a bored flat-race stallion. If Cymru truly has potential as a steeplechaser, Madoc could retire from his career on a high, but do Sian and Madoc have a future together?

GENRE: Fiction, romance, sporting, equestrian
Published by J A Allen, 1995. ISBN 978-0-8513163-0-1 (Paperback is Remaindered - only available as Author's own stock.)
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Reviews of Against the Odds

***** Fun with some education! I'm a sucker for a horse with 'heart' and a little romance. Add a peek at English training facilities and an introduction to steeplechase courses (which I've never seen) and you have an excellent story. Finally you have an author that does research for authenticity. The end result is that I was entertained and educated. What more could I ask for? Amazon USA 12 Mar 2013

**** It's not just the book which is first past the post. I'm almost certainly not the target audience for this sort of book but I have to say it is an enjoyable read. and well worth giving a go. I sped though the text with the speed of one of the horses which are the book's heroes. Give this book a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Martin C, Cumbria, 14 Feb 2013 Amazon UK

It is a dark read in some ways, aimed at older teenagers. Against the Odds’ heroine, Sian, leaves home to work in a racing stable, but she soon finds that the trainer’s son Justin, after the initial attraction, has a vicious, ruthless side... The book itself is an excellent read. Jane Badger Books

Older children and even parents will relate to this book and the fears and problems it throws up. An excellent read. Central Horse News (1995)

Teenage to adult fiction can be difficult to write, but Susan Millard has successfully straddled the divide and written an enjoyable story about National Hunt racing.... 273 pages of good story telling. Today's Horse (1995)

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