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The Forthright Saga

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Nothing ever happens in an English country town ... does it? Nora Forthright and her grandson Wayne stumble through the fictional Cumbrian towns of Dangleby and Pullet St Mary, putting things right entirely by accident.

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***** Rib tickling
This is a highly amusing book to read, especially when you need cheering up. The characters are down to earth and believable, often with the most imaginative names. A good and well written story, this is an easy, light and delightful book. 9 Mar 2013, Amazon UK

***** I loved this book, the characters were very funny. They were down to earth 'real' people and I could identify with their actions. Meriel and her malapropisms had me in stitches. I have read non fiction by this author and enjoyed sharing her in depth knowledge of Fell ponies, their habitat and their breeders. This is the first of the author's fiction works I have read and will read more in the future. 11 Jan 2013, Amazon UK

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