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Mardale - Echoes and Reflections of a Lost Lakeland Community

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Mardale has had a long and living history the marks of which stretch from stone-age monoliths to the developing and vibrant farming community of the early 20th century when the farms of the valley supplied the local area with milk and butter, wool for clothing, mutton for the table, grain for bread and malt for beer. Many visitors could testify to the hospitality and fellowship of the valley.

Today the name Mardale also brings to mind images of a community which gave up its lands and livelihoods for the demands of the 20th century, when the lake was damned to provide water for the industrial cityof Manchester.

This book draws together previous information on Mardale, includes more recent research undertaken by Shap Local History Society and material from their archive, as well as many photographs.

Readers will be transported through time, from the earliest occupation up until the remnants of the ancient families, who had occupied the valley for centuries, finally left the valley to the Golden Eagles and the 'Manchester Men'.

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