Ron Black

Ron Black comes from a Lakeland hunting family; as a child and teenager he spent long hours on the fell, following hounds, running over the tops and climbing rocks with the soon to be famous Bill Birkett.

In 1974 due to the lack of work he moved away and became a nurse. After a varied career of 32 years, including Clinical Teacher Intensive Care, Ward Manager Intensive/Coronary Care and Staff Nurse in a Special Hospital, he retired in 2003. Today he lives in Lancashire.

In 2005 Ron launched his now very popular web site Lakeland Hunting Memories in collaboration with Wendy Fraser.

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Bill Birkett

Ron and Bill have known each other from their teenage years. They began climbing together as schoolboys, Bill leading the route and Ron following, usually crying, "Tight rope, Bill". It was obvious, well to Ron anyway, that this would not last, and so they parted. Bill became one of the leading mountain writer / photographers in the UK and named a series of tops "The Birkett's", the Lake District version of the Munroes. Ron just reads his books. They are still friends.

Wendy Fraser

While Ron keeps busy writing his books, Wendy maintains the web sites and prepares and publishes e books. Wendy studied Italian literature at university in the '90s and is preparing some study aids. She is also an accomplished artist and her work can be seen here.